Casa Caraballo’s cigar story began in the small town of Las Villas, Santa Clara Province in Cuba...

Our story

Mario Caraballo long dreamed of entering the premium cigar industry. You might say cigars are in his blood.  His father was a cigar aficionado, and his grandfather would sell penny Havanas in the streets of Cuba. After immigrating, Mario lived in Miami’s Little Havana Neighborhood, where he would see torcedores rolling cigars in the area's many small factories. Cigars were not only in his blood but unavoidably on his mind.

However, 22 years of military service and other endeavors put his dream on hold. Now, upon a recent reminder of his own mortality, Mario has decided the time is finally right to introduce his blends to cigar lovers the world over. Each offering in the Casa Caraballo portfolio is personally inspired and created with a unique style that brings balance and flavor to each cigar. Furthermore, each is designed to help seize every moment smoked.

Timing is everything in life. Life can be fleeting. Enjoy each moment and every cigar.

Three generations of the Caraballo family's love of cigars culminates in the ultra-premium brand Casa Caraballo. The finest leaf from the most well-respected farms is artisan crafted into delicious blends that await your enjoyment. Casa Caraballo is honored to welcome you into their home and to the family. #CasaCaraballo

Our commitment to quality

By collaborating with some of the best cigar manufacturers in the cigar industry we began the process of selecting the best premium tobaccos that would eventually become Casa Caraballo. Following  a family tradition of crafting only top premium cigars, Casa Caraballo produces an Ultra-premium cigar that bears the Caraballo name.

Mario Caraballo is a master craftsman who  is dedicated to making unique blends focused on consistency and quality for our customers.


We work with farmers in Nicaragua, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic to select some of the finest seeds. This allows us to grow and produce a product to our specificications that we know will entice cigar connoisseurs of all levels.


Our curing involves a delicate balance of years of experience and patience. From the curing of tobacco to the fermentation process no detail goes overlooked. There are no shortcuts here at Caraballo.


We believe that quality well extends past quantity. With generations of time honored techniques passed down in the craft of cigar making, we at Casa Caraballo are committed to the quality of every cigar that bears our name.